This Week's Bounty

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

   In light of the terrifying events in Boston this week, all I can do is focus on life and thank the heavens my Boston dwelling friends and family are well and safe. My heart and thoughts are with everyone in my favorite city in the North.  

Last week I promised you CSA photos and today I'm here to deliver.


 It comes all packaged up in this pretty blue bag.

That bag contains a bag of spinach....

 .... and a bag of baby salad greens.

 Two quarts of these ruby hued beauties.

 Asparagus and rainbow swiss chard.

Curly leafed kale, so dark and dusky green.

Spring onions- very sweet and tender.

"And what the heck is this thing?" I wondered. "Some kind of weird, leafy cabbage...?"
And I was almost right....

... teeny baby brussels sprouts, nestled close to the stalk and hiding amongst the leaves.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a snack needs tending to- sometimes the best recipes aren't recipes at all!

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