From My Kitchen to Yours

Sunday, December 5, 2010

            Once upon a time, as a destiny confused youth, I had a choice between pursuing a career in the culinary arts or medicine. It was not an easy choice and even to this day I wonder if I took the right turn. As a sophomore biology major the compass ultimately pointed to medicine when I read ‘Ultraprevention’ by Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis, two preventative medicine minded physicians.  The book focused on the healing nature of food and lifestyle and how, depending on how we chose to live, it can truly be the difference between making and taking longevity and wellbeing from ourselves. I had some tacit knowledge of this philosophy, having grown up on a farm where organic, local meat and food were champion. Our farm rested a solid hour from any fast food establishment, making it cumbersome even if we had been the type to eat fast food.  My father and mother were clear in their opinions on the matter- processed food is not food, and they did their best to keep their children away from it. As a result, even as a college student living away from home with a meal card that granted me access to all manner of salt and sugar infused concoctions, I had no taste for it. Finding fresh, delicious foods to prepare in ways that satisfy and delight has become one of my most pleasurable pursuits in life.

            When I was handed my newly minted medical doctorate this spring, I thought it would open a magical door to patients who wanted to hear my message: put down the soft drink and Big Mac, stop abusing yourself! Alas, this was not so. Although I come in contact with at least a few dozen patients a day, precious few of them have even a passing interest in food and lifestyle. People turn to doctors for pills, not guidance to a healthier life. This realization was a harsh one for me to face. And I have decided that I don’t accept it. If I don’t yet have the ability to attract groups of people seeking true health and a way to genuinely enjoy this word and the bounty it has to offer, I will find a way to put my message into the void where such people can find it on their own.

            I would like to create a space where I take foods we all enjoy eating and provide you with easily recreatable versions of them. They will always be comprised of the freshest and tastiest ingredients. These ingredients not only are delicious, but they are whole and recognizable. A brownie should not last months at a time on a shelf or in a box. Your chicken noodle soup should not have 25 ingredients mysteriously swimming about in it. This is not coming from a place of judgment. It comes from my love and respect for humankind and a passion for good food and health. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, I don’t shun sugar (the real kind!); I will never tell you to deny yourself.  I simply believe in taste, wholeness and nutrition.  Even if you have time only once in a while, chose a few recipes and take your time with them, delight your palate, and nourish your body.

            Above all, enjoy.

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